A Learning Journey linked to lived experience

Last weekend I was asked by leadership to put together a reading list that reflected my learning journey with indigenous art in Canada over the past year or so. Our group was coming together for another learning session to prepare for the virtual tours of Early Days.

During the art museum docent meeting I gave a verbal presentation on my learning journey with multiple books, sources and webinars. Over the next week or so I will be working updating this medium article to reflect my quest for greater understanding of the multiple artists, curators, and knowledge keepers in this area.

Two Ideas — Our Earth’s Future and our past

As we prepare in Canada for another complete lockdown, many of us are wondering how this lockdown will be different than the last one.

Recently, a friend reached out to send blessings and good wishes during the holiday season. At the end of the message, she mentioned how she was not looking forward to the next month or so.

As we turn towards 2021, I am contemplating strategies to layer my cultural activity and movement, so I will be less tempted to consume silly content on Netflix. While I do admit, I continue to be drawn to ‘binge content’ where…

Megatrends and Mesa trends

Sometime ago I was quite impressed by a forecasting document called Turn and Face the Strange. This report was produced by a team at Ryerson University’s Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

At the time it was published in April 2019, there was a lot hype in the Toronto area around the ideas of smart cities, sensors, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Many indicators were pointing towards technology as the predominant area to watch in our urban area surrounding Toronto. …

Loyalty Loop implications on Digital Strategy for Culture

Over the past several months, I’ve been active re-launching my arts and culture consulting company while participating in a docent training program at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

It continues to be a learning journey on multiple tracks. I’ve been reconnecting with colleagues in museums, art galleries, and the performing arts while staying in touch with entrepreneurs in the local tech ecosystem. …

Over the past couple of years, I have been on a learning journey with the question, what do I want to do for the next three to five years to earn an income?

The overwhelming answer to this question is that I would like to go back to what I was doing professionally from 1990–2005. During this time, I held a number of positions at the nexus point between culture and politics.

Select positions included Co-Director of the Forest City Galley, President of the London Arts Council, Heritage and Museum Coordinator for the City of London as well as Special…

Victoria Stasiuk

Arts & Culture Consultant — Working with cultural organizations seeking to increase audience engagement & interaction through digital transformation

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